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Sansolo's products are created due to the existing operational need in the field for professionals according to the understanding of the state of use of equipment during stressful situations involving the saving of human life.
In recent years, global terrorism has been using explosives in different forms: various charges, open terrain booby traps, booby traps in built up areas and suicide bombers who detonate their explosives within a crowd.
These problematic situations lead professionals to cope with complicated challenges that lead to the use of professional equipment manufactured from accrued knowledge and extensive experience.

The working concept of the explosive ordnance technician is minimum time next to the explosive device and remote handling using pulling and disconnection measures and use of various types of robots. There are many situations in which the explosive ordnance technician cannot take all the diverse equipment he has for working with, such as a bomb disposal platform or a platform that is transported with the technician.

For examples, situations in a multi-story building in which the technician needs to reach the 23rd floor, rappelling into a cave in a riverbed, forces departing for a mission involving a long walk and ending with the need for bomb disposal work. Combat conditions involving the deactivation of booby traps on passages that are essential for the combat forces, handling of booby-trapped hostages, handling of sensitive charges. These situations necessitate manual work.

Sansolo's products are intended to provide a precise answer to these situations, which are planned from the outset for the final user - lightweight, small size, operational convenience, simplicity of use, multi-purpose operation, reliability and short operation time.

The products are designed based on my extensive experience of working under operational conditions and familiarity with trooper / explosive ordnance technician skills and the methods for coping with the various sensitive situations and stresses involved in the handling of the device itself. An example can be an explosive ordnance technician who uses a tool such as a probe and suspects that there is a booby trap wire. Why should he need another tool? The probe also has a wire detection element. Tools are to be designed to perform different actions for solving problems, allowing time and extra tools to be saved and providing simple use for a professional who is working under stress in any case.

Particularly in the present, with conflicts occurring in built up areas, it is likely that this terrain will contain explosive devices and booby traps. In view of the foregoing, there is a certain need for using the products available from Sansolo, which are essential for explosive ordnance technicians, infantrymen and their officers.
The existing devices are adapted for these exact situations, and can assist in the handling, inspection, and allaying of suspicion without taking unnecessary risks and for saving lives.

Sansolo's products are sold and operationally used by various defense agencies and elite units in Israel and many other countries.

Considerable thought is invested in the products, with in-depth engineering design, use of good materials and trials until an operational product is obtained. Stringent finish with extensive manual work on each and every product make Sansolo's products high quality and unique.
IEDD specialist using Sansolo products to dismantle a charge
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