Backhand Mini Toolkit

Des. Pat.

A miniature toolkit designed to fit over the back of the operator’s hand

· Toolkit contains uniquely designed, special purpose tools
· Based on an original operational doctrine
· Integral kit position will not restrict the operator’s movements or performance

· A fabric sleeve that fits around the forearms using straps, with pouches stitched onto it for various tools for operational work for technicians based on the user type.


SL-039 - Velcro

SL-039K - with Ceramic tools

SL-039A - 50cm long straps

SL-039E - Thigh attachment

SL-039L - Leg attachment

SL-039M - Molle attachment

SL-039R - without the tools

SL-039T - Buttons


· The element carries dedicated tools and fits around the forearm, allowing tools to be kept near the operator’s hands and allowing soldiers / bomb disposal technicians to work under different operational conditions.

· Tools that are essential for executing rapid actions such as cutting with a cutter or knife, securing mechanism for rapid use made of sticky tape etc., within operational work.

· When the operator is carrying a firearm or other equipment items and it is necessary to facilitate bring tools to bear close to his hands without having to fumble for essential tools in one’s combat vest or pockets.

Technical Specifications

Weight: 500gr
Height: 40 mm
Width: 185 mm
Length: 280 mm

Attachment types

Hand attachment SL-039

Leg attachment SL-039L

Thigh attachment SL-039E

Molle attachment SL-039M

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