Sansolo Hook and Line EOD/IEDD Case kit

Hook and Line kit for manual high risk search or remote disposal / neutralization of explosive devices.

A kit for manipulating explosive devices and suspicious objects from long and short range. Includes diverse tools that allow for dealing with different situations and circumstances.

Built for easy deployment of tools.

The tools have been built to be both safe and convenient to use.

Some of the work tools may also be used as individual tools without the kit,  as small, secondary kits.

The kit includes measures that will provide immediate solutions for initial handling and disarming of explosive devices and dangerous ordnance.

• Allows a wide range of solutions in the field

• Suitable also for high risk search and close manual handling

• 60 pcs

Technical Specifications

Weight: 10 Kg
Length: 450 mm
Width: 210 mm
Height: 260 mm

Featured products in this kit

SL-031B - A Pulley for Charge Handling - 70m String

Weight: 930 grams; Measurements: Length: 180 mm, width: 105 mm, Height: 135 mm

The pulley contains a 7 x 70 mm ring, thimble and protective sleeve for string, automatic winding bit, fabric for handling with anchoring loop and an anchoring strap and two matt black 5 x 50 rings.

70m of 2.5mm Dyneema string of 350kg break strength

This item is also used as a part of the SL-030 Sansolo Kit.

SL-046 - Telecopic Spike
Anti-magnetic, non-corrosive. Weight 150gr, Length 185mm, diameter 15.5 mm, Length (opened) 325mm.

SL-171 - A Telescopic Marking Flashlight

Flashlight for marking explosive charges and dangerous weaponry.

SL-172T - Shaped Penetrator

Designed for attaching Sansolo flashlights to the ground and anchoring marking ribbons or cords.

SL-066 - Double hook
Anti-magnetic, non-corrosive. Weight 150gr, Length 180mm, Width 50mm, Hook Diameter 6mm.

Vise jaw grip (4SP, 4LW, 4WR)
Weight 430gr, Stainless steel karabiner rings 5x50mm.

SL-067 - Anchoring Line
5m 2mm string, 200Kg break strength. 2 Karabiner rings 4x40, Weight 35gr, Length 135mm, Diameter 20mm.

SL-032 - Folding Anchor
Anti-magnetic, non-corrosive. Weight 140gr, Length 140mm, Width 50mm, Height 17mm, Span (opened) 75mm.

SL-032K - Folding Anchor
Anti-magnetic, non-corrosive. Weight 40gr, Length 70mm, Width 40mm, Height 13mm, Span (opened) 50mm.

SL-065 - Opening swivel pulley

Opening and pulling elements

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